If So & So What Though? is a new musical song-cycle by Joe Partridge.

Consisting of twelve songs we follow four characters dealing with different life situations, from the concert hall catastrophes, through incidents at the office or living with challenging flatmates. If So & So What Though? culminates with the idea that we all spend so much time looking forward and back that we miss the things right in front of us, the things that often matter the most. Staring Elissa Churchill, Anya Hamilton, Will Sharma & Joe Partridge, for a premier on the 26th March 2019, Above the Arts Theatre in London.

Anya Hamilton, Joe Partridge, Elissa Churchill & Will Sharma. Photo: Tom Grace

Go to the Child 

Music: Joe Partidge 

Poem: Imtiaz Dharker


Performed by singers from the cast of  Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2019.

A choral motet for double choir SSATTBB with Baritone & Soprano solos/semi-chorus. 


Recorded at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama - Summer 2018


Soprano Soloist: Emily Peace 

Soprano: Hannah Thomas, Anna Gregg and Elle Oldefield 

Alto: Renne Fajardo & Alex Wehlau

Tenor: Harry Poulda

Baritone: Joe Partridge  

Bass: Will Sharma & Alex Fritz


Cover Art: Ruth Partridge



Mitten Hands and the MisMatch Band is a children's stage musical following young Mitten Hands on her quest for acceptance, friendship and a spot in the school band. 



Mitten Hands is determined to become a star. Yet, with the obstacles packed against her can she over come her biggest challenge. Meeting the colourful characters of Mx Calypso, Shy Serena and Trombone Jones, Mitten Hands sets herself the challenge of forming a school band, although, it's not so easy when you have mittens for hands.

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